Computer Networks Laboratory

The Computer Networks Laboratory is engaged in education and research in the areas of:

  • Computer Networks and Internet
  • Mobile and Personal Communication Networks
  • Telephony Systems and ISDN Services
  • Formal Specification of Communication Protocols
  • Analysis and Evaluation of Communication Protocols
  • Telecommunication Services and Quality of Service
  • Communication Systems Security

CNL contributes to the training of new engineers through the teaching of a series of postgraduate courses, covering the entire spectrum of communication and computer networks, i.e.: Communication Networks, • Computer Networks, Mobile and Personal Communication Networks, Telecommunication Systems Simulation, Computer Network Security, Telephony, Stochastic System and Communications, Digital Communications, as well as to the training of new PhD candidates through the following postgraduate courses: Network Optimization, Advanced Topics in Telecommunication Traffic, Network and System Management providing them, at the same time, with the opportunity of participating in educational, research and development activities.

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